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InspayaINSPAYA is a flagship and original documentary with the theme ‘REAL PEOPLE, REAL TESTIMONIES’. It is a documentary that records and delivers the stories and testimonies of everyday people in a high quality presentation in their own words.

The intent is to inspire Christians and unbelievers about the faithfulness and the power of God… Continue Reading

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Meet EvangelistBee
Founder/CEO Banji Adesanmi Ministry


Banji-AdesanmiBanji Adesanmi, popularly known as Evangelist Bee is an evangelist and an entrepreneur. He is a preacher, life coach, mentor, teacher and inspirational speaker.

Evangelist Bee is the president of Banji Adesanmi Ministry and the vision bearer of Inspaya – the media arm of his ministry. Inspaya is into TV, radio, documentaries and film production… Continue Reading

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If you are willing to support us in any way – Please contact BANJI ADESANMI MINISTRY directorate. Areas of support needed are: Volunteers for media production, Financial support, and Prayer support

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